Mia Meutermans



Art is inextricably linked with and formed by all the other aspects of life. 

I grew up in Brussels.  I remember in my childhood that I liked to draw, to colour at home .

At that time there were no academies for children like I see them now.  I remember our teacher of art in school was a great fan of my work.   To be honest, I did not understand it because my paintings were often clumsier than I wanted. But I guess there was a lot of emotion in my bombastic work!  

I studied psychology and it took me a while before I worked as.  I think age, confidence played a role in that.

Becoming a mother was an important new step.  It was also then that I started to paint, started to follow academy for art.

After I finished a formation as clientcentered - experiential psychotherapist, I started a practice on my own as a psychologist /psychotherapist and it grew organically with the evolution in our family.   

The confidential conversations as psychologist with clients sharing parts of their soul, where I listen, and create space for being by the inner of the other, are still an important part of my life. Doing this for years, made me more sensitive to be full of attention, with this person, with this story.  It trained me to stay with all emotion, with all difficulties that somebody has.  I learned to trust the therapeutic process, with all waves of progress and getting back.  I learned to go further, to go deeper. All that is the fundamental layer within myself wich influences me while I am painting. 

I love painting, I love the concentration almost meditative.  Time flows over, layer on layer, scratching parts away, putting new stripes, new wipes.  Then I leave it for a while, to go on after a time.  Until it comes.

My painting starts by images I make of people and nature.  It represents part of daily life which can be so gray and at the same time so painful beautiful.    

On my walks I search for trivial things, details which are often hidden.  It is the extraordinary beauty of the common things that intrigues me.

I hope the viewer stays looking and find in my paintings, space for inner reflection.   

Solotentoonstelling Arts Monopole, Sint Amands, september 2018

Groepstentoonstelling Galerie Dessers, 3 juli-1 augustus 2022 

Tentoonstelling Tuin van Eten, Gent januari-juli 2022

Tentoonstelling Tuin van Eten, Gent, maart -juni 2019

Tentoonstelling Vonkel, Gent december 2018-februari 2019

Groepstentoonstelling, academie Asse 2008-2010

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